Modern Approaches, Hip-Hop: Drums & Percussion

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November 4, 2017 by kYmizsofly

October 5, 2017
Modern Approaches, Hip-Hop: Drums & Percussion

RBMA_Modern_Approaches_DrumsPercussions | Image Courtesy of Red Bull Music Daily Academy

If drums were people, they might be the hardest working people in the music biz. Timekeepers, storytellers, motivators, fighters and occasionally mind-alterers, drums are arguably tasked with more jobs and do more of the heavy lifting than any other single element of modern music. This unequal division of labor is only intensified within the realm of hip-hop, a musical culture which from its very inception has measured creative excellence via originality in using Other People’s Percussion. Appropriately, drums have earned a unique level of reverence within hip-hop, frequently commanding pride of place in the mixdown and consuming the most time in any conversation between producers or connoisseurs.

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